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The sound of taking everything away

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Pain envelops me in a tight hug. I wake up, tears falling. In my dream I was in a panicked state. I was at a local swimming hall, a place I never have felt safe. Swimmings lessons were one long ordeal I had to get through, it felt like I would drown every time. In this swimming hall, I see my belongings everywhere. I can see my iPhone, money, clothes and precious items. I am hurt, after swimming and barely making it. Around me I see people I know and some people I never have encountered before. Some of them are fellow coworkers, that I trust and like. The unknown people start stealing my things. I run up to them, ask them not to. Beg them to please let it be, that I have done nothing wrong. They don`t stop, and I run over to the people I think might help since they know me. But they look at me, and even start helping the thieves. I cry out: “Why are you doing this?” They give an answer that doesn`t make sense. After a while i just sit on the floor, helpless. I don`t get it. I try to process the losses and the feeling of betrayal. I believed in people, in their good intention.

When I look up, some of the thieves walk over to me. One of the girls, start throwing some of the money back at me. It is not as much as I had, but a fair amount of money. But I continue crying. They can`t take something away from me, and then give it back. It still shattered the world I thought I knew. With eyes wide open, I ask what the point of this was. They mutter something about teaching me a lesson. It was punishment, but I still don`t know what for. It must have been something bad. With that feeling lingering, I come back to reality.

the sound of dreams

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A lot of my posts have been rather dark and gloomy, but now I want to light that up a bit with some pictures of places I dream about. I will probably not go to them this year, or maybe never, but the point is to remind myself of the good things out there, and I hope it inspires some of you too. I have so many places to still see, even if I have travelled as much as I can to countries in Europe, Asia and some in Africa (Marocco and Egypt, not sure if the last counts as it was in Hurghada). I am going to America in the autumn, and then have South-America and Australia left. Can`t wait!

Do people have recommendations for places to visit?