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Happy eastern!

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Happy eastern and good morning. I am beginning this morning with pictures found on Pinterest. Here is one:


I love children and their ability to dream and see the world in new ways. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that: There are a thousand ways to see the world. And none of them is necessarily right or wrong.

I hope everyone have plans for this eastern. What it contains, is up to you.


The picture can be found on my Pinterest board: The meaning of art  

Sun Norway

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The sun is shining and I`m at work. I haven`t done much today, but managed to finish a book about eating disorder, from a blogger Kristine Getz. 

I cycled to work today, which was some task since my tires seem to not function. I got a cancellation, so I am wondering about leaving early since I had some  compensatory time to use. Would be nice to cycle and feel the sun on my skin. I have also done a lot of scrapbooking lately, and it`s been great. I found some card tutorials on the net, and have made two cards already. Not to anyone in particular, more because it`s fun. I had a lot of time, that the eastern bunnies brought in their baskets. Time is valuable, so there could be no better gift for busy souls thirsting for time to sit down and CREATE something.

Here you can see some cards I`ve done:


2014-04-21 13.16.21 2014-04-21 13.17.03 2014-04-21 13.17.28

Saw this in Copenhagen
Inspiration from Copenhagen

Tutorial: http://stampartic.blogspot.no/2010/11/folding-card-tutorial.html

Happy eastern

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Also psychologist take some time off when eastern comes. It`s time for crime novels, far too much chocolate and sleepins. I will try to make some eastern cards and visit my family. Have you plans for your holiday? Hope so! No matter what you do, have a happy holiday everyone:)

This German family decorates an Easter tree with over 9000 (yes, 9000) Easter eggs every year.

Pictures of the day: 30 March 2009 – Telegraph


About dissociation

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A therapist discussing dissociation and also gives encouragement for those affected with it now this eastern. Remember: you’re all butterflies just waiting to transform

Discussing Dissociation


Hello Everyone,

It’s the Easter weekend — a complicated and conflictual weekend for most dissociative trauma survivors. So many layers of your inside levels will be awakened, aware, involved, wondering, waiting, going, sitting, thinking, watching, feeling, remembering, refusing, believing, fighting, crying, calling, hiding, etc. Its a time of being pulled in dozens of different directions all at once.

Lots of headaches, that’s what that means.
And lots of pain. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

So yes… I am thinking of you all, and wishing peace for you. I know it’s difficult. Really difficult.

The Easter season is typically overloaded with the triggers, external pulls, family complications, and spiritual battles. The inside battle within your system may be raging at full intensity.

As best you can, remember to sit with each other, and learn what you can about the others that you see nearby. What struggles are they having? What thoughts are in…

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