Festival in Førde

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Tomorrow there will be a great festival in Førde where I live. It is one of the big events here, with over 300 concerts from varied artists that have arrived from places like Madagascar, Vietnam and Russia. The music will be traditional, with artists playing string instruments and singing in unusual ways. There will also be a lot of other events, like going to a mountain to watch local singers who will sing and produce unusual songs. I have lived here for 4 years now, but this is the first time I will attend the festival. I will also do some volunteer work, and see it as a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and contribute to an important cultural event. I will probably not have time to attend many of the concerts as I will be working, but since the festival is from tomorrow until Sunday, I will surely have time to see at least two or three concert. The only problem is that there are so many interesting performances to choose from, and I have never been good at choosing between many appealing alternatives. But I know, no matter what I decide on, it will be five interesting days, and I`m sure the concerts and meetings with people from all over the world, will create new memories that I can file into my drawer of cherished moments.

The “Førdefestival” has been ranked as one of the best festivals in Norway. It has also gotten international attention. This is the front page of the festival magazine
There will be a Vietnamese puppet show at the festival
The festival is known for traditional music from several countries. The picture is from a group playing string instruments (called hardingfele in Norway)
There will be many dancers performing at the festival, this is some of the Norwegian dancers