Merry Christmas from a Norwegian psychologist

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It’s so good to finally want to write again. Sometimes the thirst is there, at other times Its not. I like writing when it’s dark and silent, Since my thoughts can roam without distractions. I especially love writing when I have a lot of thoughts buzzing around, as it helps me to organize the jumble of nerve connections. It aligns the mess in more manageable units, so I can go to bed with a calmer mind. Christmas and other holidays have a tendency to trigger thoughts. It’s all the impressions that need to be processed and integrated in my mind. It can be small things, like the gifts I got and how that made me feel, or more essential questions, like my future or how the past has effected me. Instead of turning in my bed, I choose to turn it all around in my head. I let the thoughts free through letters and mix it all together, making a new map of the world. Life is essential about this; Understanding the world and giving it meaning. Without meaning we feel empty and lost. We need to find meaning in both good and bad experiences. If we don’t we feel depressed or anxious. We feel like something’s missing. It doesn’t matter who you are and which circumstances surrounds you. No matter how you have suffered, you can still find happiness if you manage to find the meaning in the meaningless.

I wish you all a merry Christmas. Maybe my readers also find wisdom in silent nights where thoughts can roam without interruptions?



Sun Norway

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The sun is shining and I`m at work. I haven`t done much today, but managed to finish a book about eating disorder, from a blogger Kristine Getz. 

I cycled to work today, which was some task since my tires seem to not function. I got a cancellation, so I am wondering about leaving early since I had some  compensatory time to use. Would be nice to cycle and feel the sun on my skin. I have also done a lot of scrapbooking lately, and it`s been great. I found some card tutorials on the net, and have made two cards already. Not to anyone in particular, more because it`s fun. I had a lot of time, that the eastern bunnies brought in their baskets. Time is valuable, so there could be no better gift for busy souls thirsting for time to sit down and CREATE something.

Here you can see some cards I`ve done:


2014-04-21 13.16.21 2014-04-21 13.17.03 2014-04-21 13.17.28

Saw this in Copenhagen
Inspiration from Copenhagen


Merry Christmas

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I have not had time to sit down and write a proper post in far too long, and must confess I miss it. Writing has been a solace to me the last year, and I have loved to write about my thoughts and ideas. Many have said they appreciate my posts about psychology, and I will work with enhancing the quality in addition to focus on interesting content in the future.

I also want to work more on my project kindness. The idea is to encourage people to do one kind act every week, preferably to a stranger. My attitude is that we have to focus on

positive behavior if we want changes

If we see others doing good things, we will be inspired to be good ourselves.

With that, I want to say merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy the time with people you care about, and be sure to appreciate it. For those who have a tough time, I hope you still focus on what’s good in life ❤