The sound of rising water

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Noah`s Ark is one of the big blockbusters from Hollywood, there is so much advertisement that I probably will see it myself, not so much because of Hollywood, but because I`m quite curious when it comes to the story. I have never read the bible, and just know what we learnt at school (but a lot of that is forgotten already). I still don`t know what I think about religion, but I`ve realized that no matter what you believe, stories have their own power, true or not. One of the most powerful stories I`ve ever read (it still lingers in my mind) is The Woman Who Stood Naked Before Her Lover, and even if I`m still not sure why I loved it so much, I think the was the mystery and how I felt it told me something profound about life.

I think stories in the bible are popular partly because they have some of the same honesty and lessons about life in them. The story of Adam and Eve is so profoundly human, and symbolically its a piece of art people immediately respond to even if they never understood art before.  

The church no longer believes in a literal hell where people suffer. This doctrine is incompatible with the infinite love of God. God is not a judge but a friend and a lover of humanity. God seeks not to condemn but only to embrace. Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device. Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul, which like all souls ultimately will be united in love with God” Pope Francis declared.In a speech that shocked many, the Pope claimed “All religions are true, because they are true in the hearts of all those who believe in them. What other kind of truth is there?

Second Vatican Council with Pope Francis

The reason that I wanted to write about Noah`s ark is because I saw a news channel this morning, talking about the Noah`s Ark  museum in Denmark. The point is to teach people the story, without saying if it`s true or not. Some people who went there, were described as silent when they left the exhibition. “We think many are surprised, not because they suddenly believe in the story, but because they are impressed by the story and everything they didn`t know”.

I think we all need a Noah`s Ark every now and then. A place to feel safe, where we can be protected when it feels like we`re drowning. We psychologist don`t need to be afraid integrating metaphors and images from stories like these. 

James Hillman, psychologist and director of studies at the Jung Institute in Zurich points out: “We’ve Had a Hundred Years of Therapy and the World’s Getting Worse”.

ike we literally might need some kind of Noah`s Ark soon, or tragedy will walk into everyone`s houses. The news of today could report that a Ebola virus has indeed been found, that is spreading without any vaccine available. I saw a documentary about the Ebola Virus once, and it scared me so much I couldn`t watch more of it. I thought: This is really dangerous. It spread like fire, and you died fast. They have no closed the boarders of Senegal to reduce the problem. It reminds me a bit of “Inferno” by Dan Brown that I finished a month ago. Another book (Nothing to envy) I`ve read (it was recommended from a friend in United Kingdom) wrote about the state of North-Korea, and the stories I read also scared me.

 This morning, the news could tell us that South and North-Korea has shot more missiles, and North-Korea has been clear on their unwillingness to cooperate. Another news item, was that FN Climate Panel had said that the changes we experience in the climate, will lead to more conflicts the next years. We have the problem with overpopulation, and the resources are dwindling. Russland is threatening Ukraine, and I`m afraid there will be less and fewer places where kindness is the norm.


Yesterday I interviewed and talked about the kindness project with several people. I went to a couchsurfer dinner with6 others (for example Kirstine Desian) and they said that it wasn`t usual for a lot of people to come, especially not if alcohol was involved. I was a bit saddened by this. Is this the only way people interact? Another new`s story focused on mental health, and even if many Danish people have psychological issues, it`s still stigma when it comes to mental health.

9dc5c55d12fea65d951400569ba800a8I hope that the reader feel helpless after reading this, because some do. They think: The world is in a bad state and there is nothing we can do. But is that true? I was surprised by the kindness I met when walking around in Copenhagen, and when I interviewed random people. We feel good when we do good, and many found it easier to remember things they had done to others than kindness other`s had showed them. In other words: We do like to give, and our memories stores those experiences more readily than getting something from. 10 points to altruism if you ask me.

We are already many in the kindness group, who have committed ourselves to reflect on and do small things for others.

People can even make a video about kindness, and send it to or you can post it in the kindness group.

One lecturer told us: If we`d helped only one person with mental health issues, to get better, we`d already paid for our studies. That is encourgaing, and shows the potential of kindness and helping others

its the... little things

its the… little things by MaxiKohan

Remember pay it forward? It might go slow in the start, but if everyone started to do one kind act in a month, what could that lead to? How many turn off the lights when earth hour comes?I`ve made a podcast, and if someone would like to join in, you`re very welcome. My dream is to pay people for doing interviews and writing about kindness, and I am not so far away from reaching that goal.

It can feel like the world is going under, and that Noah`s Ark can`t save us anymore, buy is there any harm in trying? I have seen so many people, ready to drown, that start to swim and find paradise on the other side. 

The podcast: 

Kindness Connection Brings Out Our Humanity

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Kindness Connection Brings Out Our Humanity – by Annie Mimi Hall

humanity connection kindnessI  was looking through some counseling literature, which said;

“Do someone a good turn today. Make sure they do not find out it was you. If they find out it was you, then it will not count.”

The idea of this concept is that if you do an act of kindness and let the person know you did it, then you are really just doing it for yourself in some way. You are seeking their praise and thankfulness for yourself. You are not truly doing something purely for the other person.

I disagree that it does not count, when the person finds out you did them a “good turn.” It does count and is perfectly fine.

In fact, some acts of kindness are impossible to do without the person knowing. It sometimes requires coordinating with them to make sure what you are doing is the best thing for them.

I do not think that anything is negated about a kind act, just because the person knows that you did it. In fact I think it is better, in a way. Think of it from the point a view of the person receiving the favor. When someone does something nice for me, I love to know who it was. I feel very good to know that a loved one or a perfect stranger did something out of their way for me.

In fact, we always reap some benefit from doing an act of random kindness. It does not matter if the person knows or not.

The act itself generates a positive energy that we will feel. The same is true for showing compassion for those you love. Random acts and acts for loves ones each have their own unique energy.

There is an energy interaction that occurs between two people when any act of kindness is done. It occurs, regardless of whether the act was in secret or not. The added element of the direct energy exchange between the two people is powerful.

The receiver of the kindness can be openly thankful to the person . They are able to communicate their appreciation. This “kindness connection” creates powerful energy. It is beneficial to both parties.

There is nothing at all wrong with the person knowing you did something kind for them.

In fact, when someone is by your side helping you, it is a wonderful thing. There is a feeling of support and encouragement that lifts the person’s self-esteem that is being helped. The self esteem of the person doing the kind turn, is also lifted. The combination of both people’s self esteem being lifted generates a special kind of positive energy. This is felt in both people.

humanity connectionThis raising of self esteem of both parties is something that will have an effect far beyond the individual act of kindness. Both people are able to feel the power of a simple act of kindness. They will both be motivated to duplicate that good feeling they have.

Being kind to another person is an important element of humanity. It has power that can reach beyond the mundane. We are creatures that have great capacity for love and caring. When we turn on our ability to help others, we are truly furthering ourselves on the path to enlightenment and mindfulness.

There are of course, times when a certain person is able to receive our kindness in a positive way. We try to do something kind for another person and they are not open to accepting the help. They are not thankful or appreciative of what we did. Sometimes a person is just not in a state of mind to be open to receiving your kindness.

This will happen from time to time, but try not to be disheartened. More times that not, an act of kindness will build your self-esteem and build your mental resilience.

In my opinion every single act of kindness, no matter how small, is felt across the world. The same is true for acts of hate. The negative energy is felt everywhere.

The more we think of others and realize that kindness benefits all living things, the stronger we will become. Being a kind person is not a sign of weakness. Letting people know you want to or have done something kind for them is a way of generating meaningful human connection.

Human kind needs to be saved. The light of love and compassion is in us. In order for that light to become stronger, we must light the lives of others. Doing someone “a good turn” is something you should be happy with yourself for. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the validation it beings, when someone knows you did something for them.

Humanity needs love. Let your light shine by helping others when you can. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to touch another person’s heart.

Kindness is love. Love is the highest state of enlightenment. When you are acting out of love for another, you are connecting with the oneness of all of us.



You can read more of Annie’s writings at GentleKindness’s Blog.

Winner of the kindness award

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Quentin Gaige won the kindness award (100 dollars).

Quentin has DID, but is so much more than her diagnosis. She has started forums, written about dissociation, promotes kindness and tolerance, and has helped so many on her road. Knowledge is the key to change, and Quentin does an important job by writing and sharing quality content. I have learnt much from her, and know many others have, too.

I interviews people about kindness. I ask the same three questions to discover why people do kind things to each other
I interviews people about kindness. I ask the same three questions to discover why people do kind things to each other

She has done so much good, without expecting anything in return. A wonderful woman, that I admire.

Learn about the kindness project and win the next kindness award:

Kindness to a stranger

Some of her work: 


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This has been an extraordinary summer.

It has been very good, but also bad. How life normally is, in other words, but some of the experiences has been atypical for me. An example would be the interviews I had with some famous people I respect and like. It is strange to talk to people that have been on television or have on my spotify playlist. Soon I will (if I dare) talk with the media about my blog, I just have to do a couple of more interviews first. Quite nervous about it, as I don`t like being in the media, but a bit excited too.

What I wanted this post to be about, though, is thankfulness. The last year has been full of experiences and lessons to learn. I`ve read, listened, been social and worked. I have worked with many projects I believe in, and all of them have something in common: I want to make a difference in the world. I don`t know why I need too, but I know I feel guilty if I don`t try. Luckily, I`ve met a lot of people with the same dreams as me, and have been encouraged by lots of friends and collages. Off course there has also been the opposite; People angry with me for speaking up, and making a “fuss”. But I try to live with that, as there always will be those who need to criticize and find faults. Not that I don`t have faults, I have many, but I love to learn how to become the person I ultimately want to be. I`ll probably never get there, but that`s okay. I`m not perfect, and have no illusions of getting there either. Why should I? The world would be a strange place if it was “perfect”. How could we even appreciate “perfect” if we had not experienced imperfectness? I am glad I have learnt so much, and that I`m still young. I can`t wait to learn even more, and DO even more. I`m so curious about what will drift towards me, and which choices I and others will make in the future. Life is exciting, unpredictable and wonderful. I love it, and all the wonderful people in it.

Thank you, without you I would be nothing.

My inspiration
My inspiration
Beautiful summer
Beautiful summer
Me and S. Rotevatn, a politician from "Venstre"
Me and S. Rotevatn, a politician from “Venstre”
My interviews are about kindness. I ask the same three questions to discover why people do kind things to each other
My interviews are about kindness. I ask the same three questions to discover why people do kind things to each other

The sound of wings

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They are called birdies. Like humans they have goals and work to do. They wake up early, stretch out their wings and fly to the nearest gathering station. The station produces little pictures with quotes on them. It can be small words of wisdom, or simple statements. They are cheerful and optimistic. The birdies get one each before they fly to their target. One birdie for every house. Like Santa coming down the pipe, they come down with the pictures hanging from their beaks. Every morning humans wake up to a new picture. It might be: You are so much better than you think, or that they are allowed an extra treat during the day. Never the same message, and always appreciated.

Birdies, we love you


People are nice

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We all need inspiration. This post will give it to you.

1. This picture of a person leaving the other customers a little extra gift.


This picture of a person leaving the other customers a little extra gift.

2. And this one of an employee going out of his way to help.


And this one of an employee going out of his way to help.


4. And this person put this outside their house on a particularly hot day.


And this person put this outside their house on a particularly hot day.

5. When these people put this up in front of their launderette.


When these people put this up in front of their launderette.

7. When this person got the nicest delivery ever.


When this person got the nicest delivery ever.

8. And this person decided that no cat should have to get wet.


And this person decided that no cat should have to get wet.

9. Dan and his coffee runs.


Dan and his coffee runs.

10. This note from a little kid.


This note from a little kid.

11. The motorcyclist that helped out a woman in need.

35 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t Such A Bad Place

12. When this cop helped a driver who was out of gas.


When this cop helped a driver who was out of gas.

13. And when Caine had his dream come true.


And when Caine had his dream come true.


15. And when these kids realized the value of random acts of kindness at a young age.


And when these kids realized the value of random acts of kindness at a young age.

16. This candid shot of the cutest couple.


This candid shot of the cutest couple.

17. And this photo of this hero.

18. This new friend’s note.


This new friend's note.

19. This photo of a family’s dream come true.


This photo of a family's dream come true.

20. Rob and his entourage.


Rob and his entourage.

21. The greatest security guard in the world.


The greatest security guard in the world.

22. The guy who made a little kid’s gaming day.


The guy who made a little kid's gaming day.

23. And the partygoers that saved the day.


24. The best mechanic around.


The best mechanic around.

25. This note from a developmentally disabled man who was just looking out for his favorite animal.


This note from a developmentally disabled man who was just looking out for his favorite animal.

26. The picture of the nicest Marine in existence.


The picture of the nicest Marine in existence.


27. This kid’s lunchtime routine.


This kid's lunchtime routine.

28. These pictures of Ahmad and Fatima, a young married couple who, despite Ahmad having no arms and Fatima having no legs, take care of each other.


These pictures of Ahmad and Fatima, a young married couple who, despite Ahmad having no arms and Fatima having no legs, take care of each other.

29. The picture of a car that was transformed into the best toy ever.


The picture of a car that was transformed into the best toy ever.

30. These soldiers.


These soldiers.

31. Nate’s dad’s note.


Nate's dad's note.


I overheard your phone conversation with Mike last night about your plans to come out to me. The only thing I need you to plan is to bring home OJ and bread after class. We are out, like you now. I’ve known you were gay since you were six. I’ve loved you since you were born.

P.S. Your mom and I think you and Mike make a cute couple.”

32. This photo of the nicest Rollerblader ever.


This photo of the nicest Rollerblader ever.

33. This optimistic little girl’s worldview.


This optimistic little girl's worldview.

34. This picture of two football players who didn’t want this student to eat alone.


This picture of two football players who didn't want this student to eat alone.

35. And these two little kids who just met for the first time.


And these two little kids who just met for the first time.

Demonstrating how we should all greet each other.

Happy hour

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Happy hour

Posted on October 15, 2013 by 

Every day someone lives in pain. Sometimes it is physical torment, and sometimes it`s mental agony.

Our blog tries to cover varied topics, but the underlying theme is that we want to inspire and give people hope. One of our goals is to do our part to make the world a better place, and maybe somebody else will want to do the same? We see people around us everywhere, and we don`t always know their stories.

Today was a good day for the blog. Some weeks ago, I ordered business cards, small post-cards and a cup, and today it finally arrived. I was very happy with the result, especially the business-cards that look gorgeous. What do you think? If readers of this blog would like to help me with distributing them, feel free to send me some contact information, so I can mail some business-cards you can give to people you know, or even complete strangers (thereby also getting extra stars in the «kindness project».

If you don`t want to do that, it`s perfectly fine.

I hope our readers like what we`ve produced so far. If not, we really love concrete feedback on how we can make the blog even better. We can only deliver high-quality content if readers tell us what could be better.

I want to thank all the readers, contributors and people who`ve been involved so far. Without you I would be nothing.

Nina, psychologist

2013-10-15 16.41.36



Front-side of card

2013-10-15 16.41.13-1

Back-side of card

Validation: You can change things

Still not giving in | Free psychology (Edit)

The Validation Project | Free psychology (Edit)

Facebook: Pay it forward group. Meet and connect with others!

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Kindness: why we need it « Psychologies

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Kindness: why we need it « Psychologies.

This is such a lovely piece on why we need kindness, and why it matters!


My daily chinese lesson

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I’m trying to learn one Chinese word/sentence every day, and had to share today’s challenge:

The greatest human relations principle is to treat other people like you want to be treated待人如待己(dài rén rú dài jǐ)

Friendship requires many qualities— generosity, genuine care to the others, and the ability to listen when the other person needs to talk, to name a few. When you show respect for your friends and gratitude for their friendship, you’ll be treated as a friend. When someone isn’t treating you fair, instead of holding grudge, have compassion for he who treats you unjust as this person maybe going through tough times in his life. A kind word or a gentle, understanding smile may help the person feel better and change his attitude.