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World peace and other 4th-grade achievements

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What Is “Faces In The Sea”?

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What Is “Faces In The Sea”?.

This is an idea created by a man I respect just for the fact that he had I. But he also brings it to life, and I cannot underline how impressed I am. A person loving people around him, and showing it, without expecting anything else in return, touch my hear. Giving people a chance to talk and even looking for those who should, inspire me.

Hope Bird.

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Great idea from a blogger who want to inspire people to be there for others! A small way to make a contribution:)

Cats and Chocolate

Hopebird by Rubicon ArtSometimes when I’m doing my re-blogging on Tumblr, and endlessly scrolling through the dashboard, I come across something that makes me feel – ‘yes, this is important.’ It’s a simple way of saying – ‘I’m here, and I’ll listen.’

This is for everyone who stumbles across my blog, or reads it regularly, who makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when you ‘like’ my blog posts or even – hey – comment. People who need someone to vent to or who need a friend, just for a moment, or forever. No matter how far away you are. I’m a good listener. I won’t judge you or think any less of you if you’re going through something.

So without further ado, I introduce Hopebird, the brainchild (or heartchild?) of Rubicon’s Art, a blogger and artist on Tumblr. This is what Hopebird is about:

‘This is hopebird.

Hopebird is a…

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