Obsessive–compulsive disorder

The sound of crying across the universe

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I can`t believe it.

I won`t believe it.

My fellow blogger and friend passed away. There are no words other than I truly appreciated how special she was.

Her boyfriend wrote this on Nov12:

Nicole passed away on October 21, 2013. I don’t have the energy to write much at this time. She is all I think about. We were together for 14 years. I have embedded a video Nicole created about her and I. I have also posted some photos of her. Also included are a few links of some of our videos, writings, photography, etc. I love and miss her more than I could ever explain in words.






SanctaSanctorum (4)
reaching for the sky
I miss you

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She touched so many hearts

Heaven. Is that where you are? Or are you floating across the universe, like your thoughts once were?

My words are silent. My compassion needs a hug. My tears need somewhere to fall.

She`s gone.

Niko is gone. Only her words linger on:

Feel The Sun

Engaging with the aspects of the world that are conducive to an evolution of synergy with the environment [whatever that environment may be] through music, video, writing, and photography. Spreading the seeds of consciousness and positive living seen through a lens of deep philosophy, deep ecology, poetry, creative writing, photography, artwork, and motion picture. Spreading the seeds of positivity, love, peace, spirituality, natural energy, the idea that we are all Ones within One trying to get by in this life with as little damage as possible to the self and others, the unmasking of the ego so that we can embark upon the next phase of human/technological evolution.

For should we not all be willing believers that the sky is not the limit, but limitless and boundless and that all human relationships can be the same? We are all children of the universe, the time has come that we act like it.

I am diagnosed and live with SchizoAffective Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; however, I try not to let these leash the weirdo within. I try to use my diagnoses to further unleash my weirdness. :-)

A miracle. Is gone.

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