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Every time someone tell me they like my blog, I feel happy. I am also very happy when I`m nominated for an award, as has happened two times in a row now. I want to thank “Red carpets” that nominated me on nov. 12 and annarosemeeds in october.  It’s an honor

 In order to accept the award you have to fulfill the award criteria, namely thanking and linking to your nominator, nominating another 15 blogs and telling 7 bits of information about yourself.

I would like to say that to all the blogs I have nominated in response to this; I genuinely like and value something in your work!

My nominees (in a random order):

1. D. On her way to perfection:  You have a lovely blog. Love how creative you are:)
2. Detective Daschund`s Just the basics. I love the look of her blog and found some really interesting smoothie-recipies!
4. Adrian Mitchell Poetry: A blog with poems and black/white pictures that fit perfectly to the message. Beautiful design and good poems.
5. rudyoldeschulte; I worked together with Rudy on posts on my other blog (forfreepsychology) and am very grateful for having such talented therapist on my team. He writes posts on a variety of topic, so most people will find something to their taste. Thank you so much for sharing and contributing , you make the world better 🙂
2013-06-24 23.03.076. myminddetox: Norwegian blog about psychological themes. Love how she writes and the content she shares
7. EXPLORINGtheLATERAL. No words needed. A wonderful man.
8. brokenbutbeingrepaired. Still no words needed. I simply love her.
9. Ajaytao2010. Always posts beautiful pictures that take me breath away
10. awax1217. A dear follower, who writes exciting small stories. He has recently published a book, which I look forward to reading.
11. Anna. Though I`ve not read many posts by her yet, I`ve really liked her style and content. She`s reflective, and interesting and a great writer, too.
12. jefairgrieve: Relieving complex PTSD symptoms: A strong woman with a tough history. She writes about her struggle with PTSD, and also focus on how this information can inspire others. Courageous!
13. lexborgia. You blow me away with a language that takes me to unknown places, and I love chatting with you. You are cool!
14. suzjones with it goes on: This woman focus on the good things in life, and writes about them. I love the attitude, and know she inspires many more than me
15. David with “A Marmot in my head”: A music junkie like me, is always welcome. He writes much about music, and has an eclectic taste. As this wasn`t enough: He`s awfully nice, too.
Now for the second part of the award. 7 random things about me:

1. Right now I`m wearing a pink jacket that is supposed to be warm, but actually I`m quite cold
2. I`m really bad in mathematics
3. This weekend I met two creative people
4. I often forget where I put things
5. I love salty food
6. I`ve been in Laos, and loved the country
7. I went to a concert together with my sister on Sunday: Lissie

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