The sound of pride

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Pride is one of the sins In the bible, and in that case I'm a sinner. After four hectic weeks, that have gone pretty good considering I've travelled every week, I'm looking back and feel proud. The literal flying I've done is accompanied with mental flying, and it feels good. This week I'm going to Edinburg for the last course in the marathon, and I can't wait! The emdr conference is actually the cherry on the cake, and I also look forward to it because I'll have some time to look at the city as well! I'm also meeting E., and am so excited, since we never have met in real life.

There is so much more I could write, but this must do for now. I've included some pictures that show what I'm proud of. Next time I'll jump into my plane with a good conscience.

Animal lovers

New curtains
Part of a canvas project