Tension, come in and let me breathe you out

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@SabineBraun: Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. Chinese Proverb

Because mindfulness requires a commitment to regular practice. If there is no commitment, then the mind can easily be drawn back into it’s old ways. Modern life holds so many distractions and it bombards us with so much information that it can lead the mind astray easily.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, who pioneered secular mindfulness says the following:


“Making a time for formal practice every day is like feeding yourself every day. It is that important.”


Vidyamala Burch

23844-squareVidyamala has done so much for the field of mindfulness in the UK. After learning how to manage her own chronic pain through mindfulness, Vidyamala set up the Breathworks mindfulness foundation that offers mindfulness course to those trying to managa their own pain, illness and anxiety. Read her breathtaking interview with Everyday Mindfulness here.

Danny Penman


Danny Penman wrote the critically acclaimed ‘Finding Peace In A Frantic World’ with Prof. Mark Williams. This book has helped so many find mindfulness in difficult circumstances. In this interview with Everyday Mindfulness, he discusses his own journey to the practice and contemplates the future for mindfulness.

Ed Halliwell

edEd Halliwell is the author of ‘The Mindful Manifesto.’ He found mindfulness at a low point in his life, and the practice brought him back to life and enabled him to better manage his moods. Read his personal and moving journey to the practice here.

Nick Diggins

JpegNick has been a regular meditator for 20 years, coming to the practice after struggling with poor health and low moods. He  is now an established mindfulness teacher in Brighton, England. Read his fascinating interview here.

Richard Gilpin

Richard GilpinRichard Gilpin is a highly respected counsellor and Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist with a specialist interest in mindfulness. He is also the author of Mindfulness For Black Dogs & Blue Days – Finding A Path Through Depression. In this revealing and wide-ranging interview, Richard explains how meditation dramatically changed his life and led him away from chronic suffering. Read the interview here.


Gill Hasson.

13f84b77504Gill Hasson is a teacher, trainer and writer, based in Brighton.  Her expertise is in the areas of confidence and self esteem, communication skills, assertiveness and resilience.  She also teaches accredited courses on the subjects of mentoring and counselling skills. Her latest book is entitled “Mindfulness: Be Mindful. Live In The Moment.” Read the interview here.