Inspiration from psychoanalysts

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Therapy can feel like a mystery

In Norway we have a facebook-group called “psychologist” where we share interesting videos, articles and questions that we`d like to discuss. Two days ago someone posted a youtube-video that I actually started to watch (I don`t always have time for this) and I had to continue since I really liked it. The start was a bit tiresome, but when they start to discuss psychotherapy, I learnt so much and felt really happy afterwards. The theme revolves around questions that counselors often get in therapy: Do I need this? And what will happen here? Many also feel psychotherapy is the last resort: It proves that their “defeated”. They discuss these questions in a matter-of-fact way, and in my opinion, they do this brilliantly. I hope you`ll like it as well! Unfortunately it was impossible to embed it, so please follow the link I`ve provided to see it.