At peace 

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I am in a contemplative state. My mind is full of thoughts about life. I am thinking about some patients that has touched me, and the new job I’ve begun in. It is still amazing to me that I have come so far in my life. 

Now i will rest for a while,

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Empathic vampires

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We become vampires with getting bitten. In other words: we are becoming more empathetic.

The wisdom of psychopaths, Kevin Dutton

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The truth

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David Foster Wallace

Demons and angels

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Do good, feel good

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Do good, feel good. It’s really true.

Gretchen Rubin


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14 Cool Psychology Tricks You Need To Try

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1: The paternal wisdom

cool psychology tricks

2: The conversation conditioner

3: Rock paper scissors

cool psychology tricks3

4: The talk and pile

cool psychology tricks4

5: The broccoli trick

cool psychology tricks5

6: The dollar auction

cool psychology tricks6

7: The path finder

cool psychology tricks7

8: The stalker detector

cool psychology tricks8

9: So Agreeable

cool psychology tricks9

10 : The earthworm destroyer

11: Build attraction

cool psychology tricks11

12: Confrontation

cool psychology tricks12

13: The paternal wisdom

cool psychology tricks13

14: The information getter

cool psychology tricks14

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No artist tolerates reality

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The axe forgets what the tree remembers

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Proverbs from Pinterest


more proverbs and quoutes can be found on my pinterest profile: @ninjafighter

The arrow

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One analogy of life I like is people being like arrows.  That more a bow is bent, the more potential is created. Life’s challenges are like bending of a bow. If you find your meaning in tradgery and put an arrow to put in the bow, there is potential. It is when you feel that you can not draw the string back more, that it will break, that you know that if you shoot now, the arrow can launch you into something great.

When the world falls apart around us, that`s when we must find new purpose. Sometimes it feels impossible, but that feeling of being torn in two, is just that. Feelings. Not truths.