The sound of these years across my face

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lifesTime, such a strange thing. Some find clocks calming. They continue with their neverending ticking. Never stopping for anything. Reliable, stable. Some find them alarming. “No! I have so little left!”. The ticking is not calming, but terrifying, as all you should have done races by. You see the should have done`s on your mental canvas.

When we realize how much we still want to do, and how little time there is left, people react in different ways. Some even deny the truth of it, or start to seek a cure that MIGHT just work if they have a death sentence over their heads. Sometimes this even works, for the lucky ones, but what certainly works for everyone, is getting out there and DOING what you want. It`s making a plan, if that is necessary, and then following it, in manageable steps. How far you want to go has no limits, but what one should do to get there, must be allowed to take time.

Dreams do not harm, as it is a myth that we feel worse if our dreams don`t come true. Quite the contrary, studies show that we regret more the things we didn`t do, and if we do wrongs, we can at least try to fix it some way. If not, it`s certainly possible to change directions.

The fascinating thing, is that our mind decides all of this. We might get pushed and pulled by something around us, but our minds have the real power.

A mental image or memory  can be as strong, if not stronger, than any actual event.

I will follow mine, no matter how much time I have left.




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