The sound of tennis court

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Some songs stick to my brain like superglue, and keep reactivating my neural pathways, adding new associations and perspectives to the ones already there. This month has had not only one, but several songs, that I just have to put on “repeat” on my iPhone, iPad or MacBook. I even put on some of them while I shower! One of my favorites right now, is Lorde with “tennis court”. I actually found it in the blog-world, unfortunately without saving the page it came from, and immediately fell in love with the strange rhythm, lyrics and melody. It`s a song that fits perfectly to society today, and I honor Lorde for an honest video that silently speaks volumes and delivers the message loud and clear (compared to all the booty-songs out there) 


  And the sound goes on:

the sound of weaving

The sound of waking up

The sound of “Sweet Potato”

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The sound of beautiful music

Rejecting rejection

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A group of black-clad people walk in a line. Their hands raised upwards, holding a heavy plate of steel in their hands. Each step is tiresome, but they go forward. One step in the right direction, is one away from carrying anything more. One step means the burden is less and that the solution comes nearer. They don`t have to carry it forever, but right now, they do. No one force them; They have liftet each steel plate on their own accord, since they`ve seen that it would be too hard for one person alone.

I do truly love people. It`s important to remember, that each times our hearts breaks, there will be many who want to put Band-Aids on it.

I have invited some of my lovely friends over tonight, just to cook dinner, watch some funny movie (any tips?), talk like girls do, and make something beautiful and scrapbook-alike. We need beauty, but most importantly, we need to believe in beauty, even when darkness falls upon us.

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How can you change the world?:

 Let us change the world

Humor; The highest form of defense mechanisms

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One thing is for certain; When we can look back and smile a bit or even laugh about it, we are healing. Some silly language humor that I hope bring a smile to YOUR face



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The sound of letting go

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People are afraid of it all. Tiny little creatures crawling on the floor, rooms where space is limited, certain thoughts and triggers evoking them, and not least: Humans. How they smile while holding a dagger behind their back, how you curl yourself up for protections from their harsh words, and how you think about jumping over the edge both in happiness and sorrow.

Pain has always been an anguish for me. When I felt it, I felt it intensely , no matter if it was physical or psychological. I tried all the strategies that I had then, to strangle it:  Soothing, thinking, hiding, words that promised another and better life, mechanisms of short-term survival that did their job there and then. It worked, until new Pain knocked on my door.

New days always bring with it something else, whether its pain or joy. Its full of unknown events that always surprise you, its full of twists that`s impossible to predict, and it`s also full of strong emotions, also good ones. They are the champions presenting another reason to free your nerves from their cages, so that they can touch every aspect of it with its tiny, fast fingers.

Today also hide secrets, known only to the special few: The knowledge collected from your personal narrative. Some of the best and the worst, and lot of in-betweens. It’s the kiss you had from that special one, making you dizzy and happy to be alive, it’s the first time you stumbled, but got picked up again by a stranger, gentle and caring. It’s the tears brimming  over from disappointment and loss, but thanking you for their release. This pendulum swings back and forth, like a lot of things in life. Its homeostasis, not of temperature or drug-tolerance, but of feelings. It’s the principle of balance that keeps tugging us back in a new direction, never static. Almost like the universe itself. Sometimes the pulling is stronger, and the movement leads to others moving, too. It’s the boomerang coming back, with something new on its surface from where it travelled. The air we breath in is never the same as before, it changes but does it job perfectly, all the same. We humans are even more magnificent. After change, we mostly learn and are even better adapted for emotions yet to arrive. Because they will resurface and try to pull you under water, make you cry for help and struggle with panic. But remember: You won`t drown if you remember to swim the right way, and be calm while you do it.