How a note can save your day

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How one note can save your day

Our blog tries to cover varied topics, but the underlying theme is that we want to inspire and give people hope. One of our goals is to do our part to make the world a better place, and maybe somebody else will want to do the same? We see people around us everywhere, and we don`t always know their stories. Here is an example of one story, that speaks volumes about our ability and potential to make the world a better place. We are ripples in a pond, and with encouragement we can reach, very, very far. Hope you enjoy this little story.



Good Samaritan note goes viral on Reddit

By , Deseret News

Published: Monday, Aug. 12 2013 2:45 p.m. MDT


A note written anonymously has garnered a lot of attention after a man identified as “Andy” posted it to Reddit last week, describing an act of generosity that took place in the Tampa International Airport.

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A note written anonymously has garnered attention after a man identified as “Andy” posted it to Reddit last week, describing an act of generosity that took place in the Tampa International Airport.

A note written anonymously has garnered attention after a man identified as “Andy” posted it to Reddit last week, describing an act of generosity that took place in the Tampa International Airport.

Andy had been traveling and was asked to pay the mandatory baggage fee. After handing the employee his credit card, Andy was told his card had been declined. Embarrassed and upset, Andy stepped away from the counter to call his bank and double-check his balance.

Upon returning to check out, the man found a note left for him on the back of a receipt. The note read:

“Hey, I heard them say your card was declined. I know how it feels. Your bag fee’s on me. Just pay it forward the next time you get a chance. Have a safe flight. :) “

Andy was overwhelmed by the kind act and decided to post the photo to thank the anonymous giver.

“If you’re reading this, thanks for making my day,” Andy posted online.

But according to Andy, the financial help wasn’t even the best part of the surprise note.

“Seriously, reading their note gave me goosebumps and gave me faith that there are still good people out there,”Andy told Yahoo Shine.

Many commenters have asked Andy what he will do to pay it forward to someone else. Andy said he hoped to come up with something spontaneously, just as it happened to him.

Many other users on the popular site left comments sharing their own “good Samaritan” moments.

“I was walking down a busy avenue in my city one day and saw a meter maid beginning to write a ticket for a car parked by the road. Obviously the meter was expired. As I witnessed this and approached to pass this event, I reached into my pocket and found some change, I passed between the meter and the maid, casually dropping a quarter into the machine, giving the person a few more minutes of time,” one user commented.

“The meter maid was dumbfounded and my group and I paused down the street a bit to see her on her radio requesting advice on what to do. She ended up moving along and not writing the ticket.”

Another user described an experience he had when he overheard a young mother describing a problem with her car to a mechanic.

“I heard her ask the counter guy if he could see why her lights were dim on the car. He went and tested and found the battery was dead, but the alternator was charging. I overheard her talking with the guy about batteries, and when she saw the prices, she kept asking if he had anything cheaper/smaller that would work,” the user wrote.

“As she was leaving without a battery, I walked over to the guy and asked which one she needed for her car. He pointed. I handed him my card and rang it up. I grabbed the battery and borrowed some tools and walked out the front door just as she had finished buckling the kids in. I asked her to pop her hood, and she at first looked at me like ‘What?’ and then saw what I had with me.

“She asked me why, and I just said, ‘Because someone did something nice for me once.’”

A few weeks ago the Deseret News reported on a similar act of generosity. In Massachusetts, a doughnut store celebrated a 55-person pay-it-forward chain after one customer first decided to pay for the customer behind her in the drive-through.



The Man Who Planted Trees and The Green Wall of Africa

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Loved to read about people who do good by planting trees. I really like people who just go out there and do things they know are good. Thanks for sharing this, Steven!


The Man Who Planted Trees and The Green Wall of Africa.

The sound of weaving

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Somtimes what we love with our free will is the exact thing that bring us suffering. There are numerous examples of how living in luxery, doesn`t guarantee happiness, sometimes it might even make it all worse. My life has also been filled with contradictions. I remember a person telling me once: How is it possible to be happy, when so many others suffer? How can we laugh, live like everything is allright, when it clearly isn`t for so many?

It was a fascinating and true thought from a highly intelligent girl, and my response came spontanously: That`s excactly why we have to. We can`t throw away the life so many others long for. Some come with the counterargument that this would be selfish. Before, I would immidiately felt guily, because I would believe it to be true. How can I, who have the money I need and never suffered any real traumas, continue eating, drinking and laughing when
children cry in vain becaue of hunger, thirst and pain?

The truh be told, earlier I couldn`t handle this thought, so I stayed away from the news with a fierce belief that I just weren`t interested in reading a heartless, objective summary of how many died and because of what. Instead I dove into individual stories, fascinated by all the perspectives presented to me. But still I always had this lingering guilt. Sometimes I did stupid things that hurt others, because of this guilt. It was probably some sort of self-punishment for not appreciating what I had more. Not until the two lasts years have I finally understood with BOTH heart and mind that taking care of your own need first, will give you the necessarry energy to take care of others. By this realization came relief: Now I could truly put guilt and depressive thoughts in a box for “outdated beliefs”. I don`t need to feel bad, just because I was born here in Norway. I was, by coincidence, in fact born in one of the wealthiest countries, with so many opportunities. Its like a buffet of gifts that you can choose from. Even if it feels unfair, it really just IS, and what would be REALLY wrong is not appreciating it and try to give others the same opportunity.

I have always loved to spend time with people, and frankly were quite dominating with my ideas and thought when I grew up. I enjoyed the freedom of being myself and had no shame when it came to convincing others that the new idea that opened up before me, was THE idea of the year. As i grew up, I realized that`s not who I wanted to be. It was so much better when one could present ideas at the same time as listening to others. Life can be like a tapestry with different threads. The end result is as much about weaving threads together, as finding them. I have had tons of thoughts and ideas through the years, but more than half of them were grapes not yet ripe, or even ideas produced before. A few of them were actually good enough to become a dish most people found tasty. Enough spice, but not so much it burned the throat, and cooked to a point were you have just a little resistance before it melts in your mouth. The good ideas were nothing before I gathered the right ingredients. Those were the lovely people I`ve met in my life who actually did believe in me. When my voice was quivering, like the cooks in Hell`s kitchen before their presentations, some people actually saw some potential. My voice, that started out as a whisper, grew stronger, and now I sing with my whole heart. And some might say it is selfish, that I fight for these ideas, but honestly, if it is selfish to wish to spread the things I`ve learnt about compassion, and thinking that this might actually lead to something, then maybe something is wrong with the word selfishness. Most importantly, my inner critical supervisor, has given me the thumbs up and signed the papers for the idea with a comment: If this blog inspires just ONE soul out there, I can finally rest my head a little on the bed I have, in the richest country of the world. I can rest assured that in some ways we shape our own destiny, and though I can`t help all who need it; One more genuine smile, detatched from guilt and suffering, is another ingredient for a tasty dish available for us all.