The sound of wicked games

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Me performing wicked games with a fellow artist on “smule”

The sound of her voice

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maria mena
maria mena

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  • She stands on the stage and sings like there’s no tomorrow. Her mouth opens out comes her heart. I see her standing on the stage, draped in yellow, green or orange lights. She is the queen of assurance as she sings about overcoming challenges. Her soft voice sings that it will be okay. She’s been there, but she’s happy today. She faced her fears. She sings: “If I could go back, I’d tell her not to worry. I’d tell her everything will be all right. I would tell her what she didn`t know then:  When you want something, the universe WILL do everything it can to make your wish come true”.
  • It was a great concert, and even greater: I got to meet her! My sister and friend didn`t want to wait after the concert, but I did, together with two other girls from Sweden. I felt a bit like a stalker fan, but I didn`t care. I know it would be worth it, since I truly AM a fan, and I wanted to say that to her. My persistence bore fruits: An hour after the concert, me and around 7 other girls, were allowed to meet her. I was actually silent most of the time. I let the others talk and listened to her answers in awe. It was so strange to see her; A person who`s music has meant so much for many. She was kind and gentle, just as I had imagined it, and she truly cared about her fans. She asked questions, listened, and answered when the other girls wanted to express their enthusiasm. I think she talked with us in about 15 minutes, and we also were lucky enough to be included in pictures. I stood behind her when we lined, which she noticed. She actually pulled me closer to the others, so that I stood next to her and another girl. Her hand rested on mine and another girls shoulder, and my hand on hers. I was not sure how to hold it, afraid it would be to heavy and would feel invasive. It felt unreal, and it felt amazing. 
  • 2013-11-15 23.15.10
    Me, very tiny, behind my Norwegian “Idol”

    2013-11-15 23.11.07
    An empathic Maria Mena talks to two medical students

The sound of tennis court

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Some songs stick to my brain like superglue, and keep reactivating my neural pathways, adding new associations and perspectives to the ones already there. This month has had not only one, but several songs, that I just have to put on “repeat” on my iPhone, iPad or MacBook. I even put on some of them while I shower! One of my favorites right now, is Lorde with “tennis court”. I actually found it in the blog-world, unfortunately without saving the page it came from, and immediately fell in love with the strange rhythm, lyrics and melody. It`s a song that fits perfectly to society today, and I honor Lorde for an honest video that silently speaks volumes and delivers the message loud and clear (compared to all the booty-songs out there) 


  And the sound goes on:

the sound of weaving

The sound of waking up

The sound of “Sweet Potato”

Protected: The sound of shaking

The sound of beautiful music

Protected: The sound of revelation: Part 1

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Dissociation: Army of me

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I have written some posts on dissociation, and even if people might feel this song has nothing to do with it, it still highlights one fact about dissociation: Dissociation means that we have different parts with their own unique abilities, weaknesses and strengths. Aguilera sings about the strong ones, and together they make an army. You have the wise, strong and the fighter. The point is also that when you are one of them, the others are in the background. A “fighter” would be in that mode, ready for attack with all that means in form of thoughts, feelings and actions. When you go from one mode to another, you “switch”. We all do it, so it`s not as otherworldly as the word dissociation suggests.

Enjoy the song, your time and yourself.


Lyrics to the song. Notice the “parts” she sings about in the chorus.

I’ve been standing where you left me
Praying that you’d come and get me
But now I’ve found my second wind
Now I found my second skin
Well I know what you were thinking
You thought you’d watch me fade away
When you broke me into pieces
But I gave each piece a name

One of me is wiser
One of me is stronger
One of me is a fighter
And there’s a thousand faces of me
And we’re gonna rise up
For every time you broke me
Well you’re gonna face an army
Army of me

{Christina Aguilera}
Welcome to my revolution
All your walls are breaking down
It’s time you had a taste of losing
Time the table’s turned around

I see a glimpse of recognition
But it’s too late, yes it’s too late
And what you though was your best decision
Just became your worst mistake


So how does it feel
To know that I beat you?
That I can defeat you ?
Oh. how does it feel ?

It sure feels sweeter to me

Army of me

Be fearless! We need every part of us
Be fearless! We need every part of us