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Hello world!

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My first post

So this will be my attempt at a blog in English. Just to warn all of you: My English is not the best in the world.

First I want to share what this blog will be about. It will Mainly be a place where I pour my heart out, and I will be honest in what I write. My life has been s journey, both good and bad, and you will be with me for the next steps. Right Now I have reached the ‘peak’ years of my life. I have worked a year as s psychologist, just Been 2 months in Asia and have started my own facebook group that Now has 1500 members. Overall I have been lucky, but it has also been work. Hope all of you are interested how my life will continue on from Now on, and sometimes also be with me when I look back. I will write about both good and and bad times, thought I have around my life, other people and things going on, and will keep you updated on what my group is doing.

i hope you are Curious for what will come in the future, because I surely am.