Why I love my country 

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There are so many reasons why I love Norway. This video is one of them. My breath still is taken away when I see parts of my beautiful country. I’m so lucky to live here. 

I live in Bergen now, and this picture is just so wonderful. 

This is for you lexborgia

The sound of little boxes on the hillsides

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Since I took the dissociation course with Nijenhuis the last year, one message has been firmly learnt. “NEVER think that you know or understand more than the person in front of you”. Trauma-patients are especially vulnerable when it comes to suggestions, and often try to please others by becoming who you want them to be. For this reason, I had to look at myself in the mirror again and again, while remembering that I can`t see or understand what`s behind it more than anyone else. By letting go of my need to understand, to interpret, I`ve understood more (or so I think). By accepting what is, I`ve seen my clients reality more clearly, but I have to keep cleaning the cool surface of the mirror when necessary. What scares me, though, is how easily everyone forgets to do just this. We can walk in dirt until it drowns us, until it pokes us in the face. When the dirt has infected everything, we finally start to clean up. Almost like using a dirty rag to clean up the mess. I´ve heard stories of abuse and neglect, of babies with their diapers so full of shit, that it falls to their knees. That is horrible enough, but I wonder: Is it not worse that grown-ups never change their diapers? Shouldn`t they have learnt that? What kept them from noticing how bad it got?

Little boxes on the hillside....

Our society has a both good and bad sides. The world will probably never reach a perfect balance, but we must still strive for it. How can we heal and preserve? For many therapists, diagnosis helps to find a direction for the right treatment and possibilities. I won`t rant against the system of classification for too long, but I just want to make one point: Who likes to be put in a box? Who likes to be told who they are, from people they barely know? Who likes to get their lives transferred to a DMS-IV classification that lead to life-altering consequences, with the justification of “this is how we do it” attached to it?

I sure don`t. What about you?

Six ways to get the most out of seeing a psychologist

The sound of Sheezus

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One of the songs I have listened most to this summer, is Lily Allen`s Sheezus. I like the text, the sound and the video.LilY

She’s humorous and has great points if you pay attention. Lily doesn’t really want to be “Sheezus” (Which is a play on words of Kanye’s “Yeezus”). She’s far from full of herself. It’s about how the females in the industry are treated as well as how they act. They keep trying to top each other. One minute Gaga releases something crazy so right away someone like Rihanna has to release a song 

Hope you like the video (might be triggering if you have experienced abuse)!

Lily Allen



How Important Dads Can Be For Their Children

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By now most scientists agree that humans are a product of both genes and environment, working together. Even if genes might influence our personality, the situation around us can mold and shape it until we have become ourselves. An interesting question when it comes to this, is what influences us in the environment, so that we know what to do when something goes wrong.

The following video will focus on research that explore how fathers influence their kids and shape what choices they take later in life. For example, research shows that girls who have a good relationship with her father, chooses partners with similar personalities, and who actually LOOK the same. More, women who have her partner present while giving birth, and who touches her, release more oxytocin that relieve pain, having an easier child-birth. Moreover, no matter how much testosterone a man has before they become fathers, levels drop to one-third when they hold the newborns in their arms. This and more in the video below.

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Video of therapy with an abused, enraged girl

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Tshhhis is a bit scary and unpleasant to watch, but demonstrates how abuse can influence children. You see video clips of therapy sessions with a girl who was herself abused and neglected by her father. She was adopted together with her brother, and started to hurt and molest him. The parents had to lock the doors at night, so that she couldn`t hurt him, or them. She tells, in a chilly, flat voice, how she wants to stab them. My heart bleeds for all the children out there who had to endure trauma, some while they were at their most vulnerable.


World peace and other 4th-grade achievements

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English: peace
English: peace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)