The sound of boiling

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When we are born, we are innocent. We have had no time to make mistakes, we are just there, trying to understand the world. We grow and learn. Both good and bad. Mostly, we grow up in secure environments and become the people we want to be. But some people don`t. They grow up in unsafe environments where their needs are not met. Far too many experience trauma and must live with it. And what once was a safe, protective womb of water, becomes polluted when we are born.

One of the things I`ve learnt when I was at school is the difference between individualistic and collectivistic cultures. A teacher said that in Asia and other counters where they have arranged marriages, could be compared to a pot of water. When they start their marriage, the water inside the pot is cold. But after a while, it starts to boil and keep boiling as their love grows stronger. In indiviulaistc countries, the opposite happens. We fall in love with fervor, but for many the water cools when everyday life makes us take off our rose-colored glasses.

The pot of water is right now filled with boiling water. In Turkey, Syria and France, hate is making the water almost boil until it spills over. The soil underneath the pot is blackened by the oily water, and the hate runs into rivers and waters. We drink this water, and feel the hate it consists of. But will it stop boiling? Will hate and fear start to fade, and make the water colder. Because right now, we need to turn down the temperature, so we can think clearly. If not, fear in our hearts will lead to irrational decision. And this is especially worrying when fear also seeps into the leaders and politicians who are here to protect us. Terror is here to scare us. And when we are scared, we often respond the only way a scared mind can: By attacking the ones who scares us. When Donald Trump wants to attack and keep the “Muslims” away, he breeds more hate. And then ISIS and other terrorist organizations have even more reasons to continue doing what they do. Terrorism can’t be excused. It is wrong in every way, but we have the chance to keep our heads clear and respond rationally. We can show our sorrow, and we can do everything we can to help the people who lost somebody in the attacks. But we should not respond with violence.

As Gandhi said: There is no way to peace. Peace is the way

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