Mass suggestion: A way to save the world? 

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Psychological research has had a tendency to study negative effects of behavior both on the individual and cultural level. But new research has started to focus more on the positive aspects of behavior. I like this shift, as I think it will change how we interact with the world. In one TED talk I watched, scientists were studying genetic superhumans. That is, people with genetic ‘flaws’ that has proven to give these people abilities normal people don’t have. By getting more knowledge about these ‘superhumans’ we are also a step closer to knowing which environmental, psychological and biological factors contribute to their genetic make-up.

Mass suggestion 

Humans in a big crowd have an inclination to behave the same way. It is difficult to resist the force of it. This is why people, who ordinarily are sensible, can do things that they regret afterwards . It is also the reason people who normally are harmless can become violent.  

There are thousand different ways we can be affected by mass suggestion, both in a negative and positive sense.

A mass-suggestion experiment

If I could do a study as a researcher, I would want to look at how positive mass-suggestion could affect us . Let’s for fun’s sake call it a social media experiment. If every person shared the research hypothesis I’m about to present with one person, it would be interesting to see what would happen next.

My hypothesis would be something like: Can we by mass-suggestion, make people around the world do the same thing on the same day?

For example I could propose that the 30th of september, every one of us tried to do one random act of kindness. What do you think would happen? Could it affect us all in a positive way?

The date could be set one year in advance to make sure that many get the message, but as information can spread like fire in the right circumstances maybe it would not be necessary to wait that long.

So, would somebody be interested in an experiment like that? What can each and all of us do by simply being kind towards others?

Why not try? We got nothing to lose.


Mass suggestion ideas

Mass suggestion in society


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I am a 29-year-old girl from Norway where I work as a psychologist. On my free time I love to read, travel and experience new things. I also like taking photos and creative activities like scrapbooking and decoupage. My personality? For those of you who know the BIG 5 personality test, I am high on 20130623-181833.jpgOpenness, Conscientiousness, middle on agreeable and on extroversion/introversion. It basically means that I`m a flexible person, work hard, usually don`t make a fuss and love to be with others, while also needing to be alone to think and calm down. I also want to add that I love the Italian language, my family, Haruki Murakami, good music and my friends. I am VERY emotional, but calm when I have to be. Earlier I had a tendency to put other`s needs first, believing that I wasn`t worthy of any attention myself. Luckily I have grown in heart and mind since then, and learnt that being there for others mean taking care of your own needs first.

This blog is a blend of my personal story (called narrative or the sound of..) topics related to psychology and just random things I find interesting. I work daily as a clinical psychologist, and most of my clients have been abused and neglected in heartbreaking ways. Many of my posts will cover subjects related to trauma and dissociation. I am quite open and honest in my posts, because I believe it might make us psychologist less mysterious.

Most of the psychologist I know are kind, intelligent people. Some with their own stories, but all with a genuine wish to help. In this blog I want to share what I know about overcoming challenges and following your dreams.

IMG_0377Since more and more people have started to read this blog, I unfortunately found it necessary to password protect some of my more personal posts. If you want to read them, feel free to contact me at I am also on twitter (@ninjafighter), instagram and Facebook. I also have two other blogs that are dedicated to psychology and the “Kindness project” that I started one year ago, You find them here: Free psychology and The kindness project.

In the last blog I post interviews with different people. I ask them questions about good things they do, and my hope is that their answers will inspire others to do be kind towards others. I have also invited guest bloggers to share their stories on “Free psychology”. They are brilliant writers, so feel to explore their story on this blog. I am always open to invite more bloggers who want to write, so feel free to contact me at any time if you`d like to write about topics relevant for the blog. 

I started my blog three years ago, and it has grown so fast I almost can`t believe it. I am really proud of it, and grateful because I have made new friends and found other blogs that I like.

I want to thank all my readers and offer some encouragement to everyone who suffers or have done so in the past. I have been in the deepest valleys myself, and felt emotional pain so intense that I was afraid of it.

I hope this blog might prove that the fight for a better life is worth it.

Thank you.

Half of me

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Have you ever felt split in two?

You know me. I’m the life of the party. Beautiful people around me, everybody falling in love

But that’s just the half of it

Rihanna- Half of me

We are wear masks. We hide parts of us that we think won’t be accepted. The funny thing is, when somebody else takes off that mask, especially people we admire, we feel relief and sympathy. When Rihanna was abused and released the pictures of her swollen face, her fans only gained more respect for her. She sings about her pain, and we wish we were brave enough to do the same. But we don’t dare, because we fear the consequences. What if people don’t like what they see? If they see the dark and ugly parts of us, that we so wish we didn’t have.

You saw me on the television

And I guess you saw me stealing, but you’ve got no idea what I’ve been through

That’s just the half of me

This is the life I live

Rihanna – Half of me

Stigma is like a cigarette burn, scarring us and stifling our need to feel free from the pain we keep inside. It leaves holes in our soul, and since we hide them, there is nobody there to fill them with their love. Some people hurt themselves physically or emotionally, some keep working until they almost burn out from exhaustion. Because taking time to ourselves, would mean that we have time to think and feel. And thinking feels dangerous, because maybe we will have to look our feelings instead of avoiding them. We are so scared of ourselves, until we are reminded of the fact that nobody is perfect. Everyone have things they rather hide, and if we only knew that, maybe we could take off our mask, and show our different faces. Because behind the scared and angry parts of us, lies the parts of us we miss. The face full of love, volnerable and beautiful.

We are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can’t bring us down.

Christian Aguilera – beautiful

Maybe you shouldn’t work so hard on splitting your good sides from the bad ones. Doing so takes a lot of energy that could have been used however you want. By opening up to the world, by letting the can of worms free, you can finally dig yourself out of the grave of sorrow.

One of me is stronger. One of me is wiser. One of me is a fighter. And there is a thousand faces of me.

So I’m gonna rise up

I’m gonna rise up

For every time you broke me

There’s an army. Army of me

Christina Aguilera – Army of me

The sound of love knocking on heavens door

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Falling in love activates the same brain areas that are active during a psychosis. I guess being crazy is a necessary part of the infatuation period. It’s when nothing else matters, when you willingly fall into open air. Even if you normally would dread letting everything go, you suddenly take the leap of faith like a bungee jumper. You become a sensation seeker, and you can’t stop. It’s a craving that can only be quieted by another dose of the person you have fallen in love with. You keep thinking about him or her, check your phone constantly and do everything you can to make him or her realize that you are meant to be together. And if the love is reciprocated, they join you in the madness. They take that leap of faith together with you. You both fly in thin air, hoping that the parachute will be there when you are closing in towards the ground. You grab each other’s hand, smiling blissfully, secure in the knowledge that together nothing is scary. Every minute is precious; Sleep, food and other basic needs are second priority, until you both fall into each other’s arms, exhausted.

When love knocks on your door, let it in.

More on love in the brain:

love and psychosis. why does love make us crazy?

Love and psychosis, the similarities of symptoms

The sound of hearts beating in tune

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There are so many good people in the world. I like to think about this when the news coverage of another war scares me to death. I also need to remember it when I read about psychopaths destroying the life of others. Because it’s so easy to give up. To throw in the towel and think: It is hopeless, me doing something good will just not have a real effect on all the problems around us. But think about it: if around 5-6 percent of the human race does things that makes others suffer in the worst way imaginable, that means that 95 percent of our population, want to help others. And this fact gives hope, it means that we can do something, every one of us. When this knowledge combines with the fact that people with mental illnesses actually get better when they dedicate themselves to helping others, I feel optimistic. I have met many clients who did just that when their anxiety or depression lifted. They finally got enough energy to be there for others, and discovered that this gave them even more reasons to continue doing good things in life. So yes; We have a lot of people killing and abusing others, but for every harmful act,  there are so many good deeds, and somehow that can be enough to make a difference. My burning heart believes in this, I have seen it with my own eyes; We can change the world.

Protected: Listening to what your brain and mind tries to tell you

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The brain of a serial killer

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Warning: If you have been abused this post might be triggering. The picture underneath offers a lot of information based on science and knowledge gathered over time. It is easy to understand, and might help us in understanding what contributes to psychopathy. It also created some questions: Why is psychopathy more prevalent in USA and in white people? Evolutional theorists have discussed it psychopathy is relatively rare because psychopathic behavior would be “discovered” and for that reason not lead to any evolutionary advantages. USA and other individualistic countries are known for becoming more “egoistic”, and USA is known for more lenient attitudes towards weapons. This is just loud thinking on my part, so don`t take it as truths.
The Brain of a Serial Killer


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Protected: The rooms filled with dreams

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Protected: The storm

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Protected: The last day 

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Protected: Stop right now: When you feel like giving up 

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Fall in love with the person who loves your madness

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A friend of mine sent this picture to me. Remember: you are good enough as you are, don’t let anyone decide who you should be.